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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Task 8 - Expository Paragraph

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 14:08

Why Students Do Copy-paste

          According to Wikipedia, ‘copy-paste’ or plagiarism is the act of taking another person's writing, conversation, song, or even idea and passing it off as your own. This includes information from web pages, books, songs, television shows, email messages, interviews, articles, artworks or any other medium. The reasons why students do copy-paste will be explained as follows.
          First, students do not know much if the act of ‘copy-paste’ is a kind of plagiarism. They often hear about plagiarism, know it is bad, but still, they keep on doing ‘copy-paste’ because what they know is it’s legal. The dictionary defines plagiarism as stealing of the ideas, words, work, or production of other people. Students copying the works of other people do not believe the original creators would catch them. They do not know that they will face some problems if they are indicated as a plagiators.
          Second, students who rush to do things on the last minute are meant to do the last thing that would make their tasks easier. They think, “if there is an easy way to reach their goals, then why we have to choose a difficult way?”, morover for those who are very busy and do their works in a deadline. This happens to almost all students who are busy with their activities and do not have sufficient time. ‘Copy-paste’ is the only way when they are in a thin ice. They do not think about the risk of doing that, the only thing that they know is their works is well done, then everything is alright.
          Third, students find the internet a good medium for searching and copying related topics. They think that the internet itself has provide what they want. So, if the internet itself has already provided the information that they want, they think it is such a legal thing to do. They do not realize that they are actually fooling theirselves when they are doing ‘copy-paste’. It is fooling theirselves because they do not think creative and critical to the way how on produce a work or an idea.  It is also habituate them to be lazy students. They will hang on internet to every work they will face, and if there is no internet, they think that they can not do anything more.
          Fourth, students are lack of knowledge about proper citations. Plagiarism could be avoided if all people who writes articles and research papers know when and how to cite the ideas and text that they had taken from other authors. The fact, there are so few people who understand the right way to cite the information that they have taken to their own works, so if the citation is not acceptable, it can also be indicated as plagiarism.
          In a nutshell, ‘copy-paste’ or plagiarism is dangerous, and the consequences are unimaginable because the law protects and respects intellectual property rights. The legal system is very keen in bringing justice to stolen intellectual property. However, although some works are difficult to track, publications will always be found and discovered in the internet. So, it depends on the students themselves, whether they realize or not that the act of ‘copy-paste’ is a bad thing and must be avoided.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Dear My Friend: Do you remember me? after all..

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 20:58

Don't ask me how I still remember this one!
I am not that stupid to forget our great memories.
of course I remember all of the silly things that we had done in the past. 
If you're reading this. I hope you're fine.
- for Henry
A Lesson to Learn

          My Friend in Junior High School was so irritating. All day long he said, “Ritma, I wonder why people can talk but animals can't.” Or, “I wonder why the ocean looks blue.” Of course, I didn't know the answers, but I didn't let him know that. I just made up reasonable explanations, and he accepted them as if I was the smartest person in the world. Before I answered one of his questions, I usually told him that he's pretty stupid and asked too many questions.
          Well, at that time we both got our report cards. I got B’s and C’s, and he got straight A’s. Under the “Comments” section on my report card, it said, “Ritma would be getting better grades if you asked more questions.” Of course, on my friend's report card, it said just the opposite.
          To make things worse, my friend squawked all day about how I was so stupid for not asking questions! I just sighed and told him he was right—I wouldn't make fun of him anymore for asking so many questions.
          Yes, I learned a lesson from my little friend: Never be afraid to ask questions, and NEVER be afraid to wonder why.

My Achievements in May, 2014 [on going ~ waiting for another blast!]

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 19:37

  1. Alhamdulillah I found my age 19 years old. wish that I am getting mature in every step that I take.
  2. My close friends (Septika Ariyanti, Defy Gustianing, Desi Kurniati, Adelina Octa Puspita, and Riris Harwiyati) gave me surprise during my birthday. Thank you so much! They gave me a tart cake, but unfortunately I broke it (the cake fell down :v)
  3. I can handle my college assignments well. wish this will last forever until I graduate from this university. No obstacles. Amin...
  4. I and my friends (Riris, Teh Alice, Nanda, Oppa Andrew, Ipin) get an opportunity from my lecturer to join English debate, at least It is useful to drill and encourage my speaking ability. it's useful too, b'cuz in this debate exercises, I have so many knowledges and experiences to know more about latest issue in my own country and another issue from the world outside.
  5. I and my friends in my class (Indah Maharani and Desi Wahyuni) were accepted to join Voice of Muhammadiyah Metro through PSM audition. Finally I can improve one of my hobbies in this club.
  6. My parents gave me enough money that I can buy a lot of things I need. Lol. just kidding. ok? :D
-- A lot of amazing things happened in this precious May --

Descriptive Essay - Task 7

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 19:00

My Dream Family

          A dream is a wish your heart makes. Everyone has dreams. Just like everyone else, I also have dreams for the future.
          My dream is living in a happy family. My happy family will be complete if I have a husband whom I expected; having a safe and sound house; and having twin children.
          In Islam, a good husband is someone who can lead his family towards the good thing. The most important quality that I expected definitely the kind of man that can guide me to the right path. He is educated person and successful at his career to make sure we are living in comfort and do not live in debt. When I am in trouble and need some helps, he will be there for me because a woman need a support when she is in weakness. If he is a busy man, he also has to spend the time with me and my family during the weekend. For another criterion, I do hope that my husband is the type of caring person, understanding, and kind. He is not too thin to make sure that he is strong enough and can protect those people around him.
          A safe and sound house that I expected is a place where I and my family can spend the whole activities in comfort. I do not expect to have a big house, but at least there is one big room that will be the room to gather with my family in it.  It has a balcony on the upstairs and there is a mini bar next to it. I want my house has three bedrooms. One is for me and my husband, one is for our children, and the other one is for guest who will stay in our house for several days. I dream about having a house that is near to the ocean. So, everyday we can see a beautiful scenery and feeling the fresh air. It will be useful to reduce stresses after the tiring day. The located is not too far from the super store and other public places, because if it is too far, we can not easily accessed them. In other hand, if it is near to the public places, it will be so noisy.
          Having children is a special gift in my life from God, Allah SWT. It is such a big challenge for me to be a mother. I do hope that after I and my husband get married, we have twin children. They are one boy and one girl. We will give a beautiful and meaningful name for them.  For our son, his name will be ‘Light Jr. Pratama’, the meaning is a first boy who gives their parents light in the darkness. For our daughter, her name will be ‘Jade Sparkling’, the meaning is clear that she is like a Jade that is sparkling in the darkness. We will be a good parents that we could for them. We will provide a good education for them. We will teach them the way how to get up after falling. We will teach them not to be weak people and we will also implant them honesty and discipline. Hopefully, they will be the useful people for their parents, families, county, and their circumstances.
          All of those three are my dream family. There is no other happiness in the future except having a happy family around me until the day I close my eyes.

Total: 581 words

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME - Task for Meeting 6

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 03:33

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you...
Until we meet again!

Rest In Peace, Alligator!

          It would be an amazing thing for me if I could go back and live in the past. Many years passed before I understood the meaning of friendship. If I could ask to God, I wish I had one more chance to go back to my past, fixing all of my mistakes I had ever done to my best friend.
          When I was in junior high school, I thought that I had found a true friend. Her name were Effy, but I often called her "Alligator". She never minded about it. I and Effy were in the same class since we were in seventh until tenth grade. We also sat in the same bench. She was a beautiful and smart girl. I was happy that I had a good friend like her.
          Day by day, we were getting closer. I often come to her house to do our homework. Sometimes, I came in just to chat and share about my problems. She was very kind. She always had a solution of my problems. Her mom was very kind too. She often made us cake or some foods when we were doing our homework and studying together. But I seldom met her father, she said that her father was always busy working.
          Ever since, we made a silly thing in the class. We were partner in crime. When I felt boring to follow the class, suddenly I had an evil thought. I told it to Effy, and she agreed about that. We treated our physics teacher badly just because we hated the subject. As a result, we got a punishment to stand in the field under a flagpole until the subject ended. Actually I knew that Effy was good at physics, but I did not know why she hated it too.
          When we were standing in the field for about 30 minutes, suddenly Effy fainted. I was panic and decided to tell it to my teacher. My teacher picked her up to the hospital soon. After arrived there, a doctor checked her condition. The doctor said that she was just very tired. I felt so sorry about that. It was my mistake that caused Effy fainted. When she awared, she said that it was not my mistake at all.  She tried to support me when she was the one who need it.
          One morning, as usual, I went to school. I opened the door and walked into a room. I found Effy was sitting alone in the class, there was no one else around. She did not know if I was coming because the door was behind her. I thought that she was still writing something in the diary book. But, something felt a little different. When I was getting closer to her, I saw her face was so pale. I touched her skin, so cold. Then, I was so shocked when I saw some bloods were filling her dairy book on the table. I asked her what actually happened. No words spoken, but silence. She did not answer my question. Once more I asked her, finally she told me that actually the doctor said to her that she had diagnosed a leukemia but she did not want other people know about it. I was like “You are kidding, aren’t you?”. “No, this is serious. But you don’t need to tell it to others. Would you promise?”, she said. “Yes” I replied her question while crying, but suddenly some students were coming to the class. Then, we started to act like nothing just happened.
          The next day, I come to the class but I did not see Effy there. I was thinking what happened to her over and over again. After school was ended, I decided to come to her house. I asked to her housekeeper, he said that she was in the hospital. I was panic and I asked him the address where she was cured.
          I came to see her in the hospital. I met her parents and they said that she was still doing an operation. We waited her for about one hour. Then, when the doctor went out of the room, he said “Sorry, she could not fight leukemia anymore.” I cried and I wonder if it was just a nightmare. But God had more beautiful place for her. Her wonderful eyes were closed on 31st December. That day the sun lost its light and I lost my best friend forever.
          Now If I could go back to my past when I and Effy could still laugh together. I promise, I would never make her cry even a bit. I would always make her happy whatever it takes. It’s true, she will never come back, but she always gets a special place in my heart.

Note : Blue - Orientation | Red - Complication | Green - Resolution | Yellow - Coda

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