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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another ENIGMA ~

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 08:13


Whatever you do in life will be insignificant
But it’s very important that you do it, cause
Nobody else will

Can’t take back the cards you dealt on this long and lonely road to hell
The throne must be such a sad and lonely place
Living breathing flesh and blood, sweat and tears swept under the rug
I’m just a number to you, just ones and twos

The power keeps you feeling high but how low
Do you sink into your bed at night
(Anchored down with guilt)
Do you toss and turn from all the bridges you’ve burned
Or are you proud of all, the hatred you’ve earned

A conscience buried deep beneath, a heart stuck in a skeleton of greed
And eyes that can’t see that happiness is so far out of reach

- Our Last Night 

Cerita Horror yang Tidak Menyeramkan -_- /fail

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 07:46

I’ve been here a while, staring at this screen wondering what I’ll write.
The things I can’t explain, but should’ve tried to say when I have the time.
You are inspiration when no one else believed.
You show me strength in my skin, when no one else could see. #hah? #fail :’

Okay,  back to the real objective (?)
The one and the only..... /wut?
I’m just, I’m justtttt..
I mean, I’ll write a kind of fiction story here..

Enjoy the show! #duagh xD

A horror - mystery fiction story... jeng jeng!!!! (Backsound : Kangen Band - Selingkuh Nonono~ Jesper Kyd - The Plague) #lah?

Can I start it now ?

Maybe for most of people, the darkness is awful, horrible..
But for Vaas, darkness is useful.
Yes, useful...
You didn’t read it wrong, it’s useful for his flesh and blood..

My Shadow

            A boy is entering his house hurriedly, sweat soaks his shirt. His name is Vaas. Without taking off his basketball shoes, Vaas gets into his room and locks the door closely, as if there will be someone who enter his room if he doesn’t close it.
            Closing the door seems not enough, then Vaas immediately reaches electric switch lamp beside the door that just locked down. With his trembling hands, he starts to press that electric switch, so that his room now becomes totally dark. After that, he makes it sure that there’s no light inside, even it’s just a bit. 
            Vaas is in vigilance mode, then he walks slowly to his cupboard. He is looking for a video recorder.The question is , what for? 
            Yes, you’re right. He wants to record something, to be exact, record himself.
            After changing that video recorder into infra red mode, Vaas puts it on the table in front of him, whereas he sits down right in front of the video recorder and starts to record himself.
            “Err,, let me introduce myself, my name is Franklin Vaas, all of people around me call me Vaas.. I just wanna record myself before that horrible thing really happens to me and I can’t tell it to others. That horrible thing happened a week ago, when I went home from practicing basketball  at my school. It was when I ate in my dinning room and only 5 watts lamp that accompanied me, it caused my shadow seemed so clear on my wall beside me. At that time, I was bored eating and I didn’t know what else to do, I just actually wanted to back into my room but it was too difficult to stand up, so I decided to have daydream for a while...”
            In intervals of recording, Vaas looks around trembling. Then he continues his recording...
            “After I felt satisfied daydreaming, I decided to walk to my room, but, when I looked at my shadow, my shadow was getting away from me and it was smaller, but I felt it was only my imagination because I was so tired practicing, however, it was not  just imagination or phatamorgana and seriously, now I really really feel regret by ignoring that shadow...”
            “And it happened anymore on the day after, when I wanted to go to dinning room to take a banana, it was on the night, my shadow at the beginning moved normally as well as my body moved. But, when I took the banana and moved to my shadow’s place, it kept look like getting away from me, moreover, when I put my right hand up, the left hand was put up by my shadow instead, then it started to put its two hands up and placed it on its neck, I could only see it with a horror vision, while, its hands was getting close to its neck, and with a fast motion, it started to choke its neck, whereas, who was the one that got the impact? ME! I felt so sick when that shadow started to choke its neck, and all of a sudden, it was black. When I woke up, my mother said that I just stumbled by a box and my head hit the edge of stairs, then it caused me fainted. Really, I can’t believe it! ” Vaas boosts up his voice in the end of his words.
            “However, It was not the most horrible thing that happened to me, there’s more... since that day, my shadow started to terrorize me, and the worse, I couldn’t run away from my own shadow. The worst was... when I wanted to peel the apple, I really forgot about my shadow, I didn’t think anything, then finally I started to hold the steak knife near me, indeed, it seemed weird, peeling the apple with steak knife, but it was only steak knife that I got. I just realized the existence of my shadow, then I pull my hand from that knife frightened.. But, not with it, It kept holding that knife, my shadow seemed laugh hardly and then stabbed that knife on my knee, and all of a sudden, blood spurt out from my knee, I just could crawl on the floor wanted to go to the nearer room, bath room... After I got into the bath room, it was dark, I waited my shadow attack me more, but nothing happened, at that time, I knew how to survive from my own shadow, the darkness.... So---‘’
            All of a sudden, Vaas stops his recording and stares on the door in his room...
“Vaaaaaaas~! Open the door, what happen with you?” shouts a girl that echoed in Vaas’ room..
“If you don’t want to go out, I will break the door!”
            “No!!! Don’t do that Zee!! Please~!” seen on the video recorder, Vaas looks so panic, he starts to look around, trying to  find out a way so that the girl outside that named Zee doesn’t break the door, but it’s too late...
            The door opens, immediately light outside comes into his room, video recorder on the table falls down because Vaas’ hand brush against that camera, and now the camera can only record sound, the sound is wheezing of choked breath from the boy and panic scream by the girl who tried to help him, but it’s too late...

Vaas’ last words...
          Relax, it’s fine.
            I have not thought about a living since yesterday.
            It's just a seemed like one scene of a film.
            I need lore,
            Everything has utterly changed.
          Go-goo-dbye Ze- eee..
...and his voice is getting low, then  it’s lost.
“Nooooooooooo!!!” Zee’s screaming...

Yeah! That’s it.
Nothing less, nothing more....

Critic and suggestion?
Please... ; )))

Thursday, 17 April 2014

This is Why should Never Go Full Retard (2)

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 06:38

Source : 9GAG

This is Why should Never Go Full Retard

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 06:32

Source : 9GAG

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Our Last Night - Sunrise [Cut Scene, Video Clip, and Song Lyrics)

Posted by Ritma Ratri Meilia on 06:02

-- o --




Full of despair inside a darkness
Self conscious and scared, held prisoner of war
Running out of air, buried in a sadness
Want a way out of this paralyzing world
And the sound of the cries when a family's loved one dies
It echoes through a vacant room where a young soul still resides

When the night is cold and you feel like no-one knows
what it's like to be the only one buried in this hole
You can make it to the sunrise.
(Woah. Woah. Woah)
You can make it to the sunrise.
(Woah. Woah. Woah.)

Searching for a way to escape the madness
A dire need for change as we fight for better days
The hurt and the pain cut deep like a razor blade
Holding in a cry for love, abandoned and afraid

When the night is cold and you feel like no-one knows
what it's like to be the only one buried in this hole
You can make it to the sunrise
(Woah. Woah. Woah)
You can make it to the sunrise
(Woah. Woah. Woah.)

I won't go to my grave until a difference is made
I won't go to my grave until a difference is made
(Until a difference is made)

When the night is cold and you feel like no-one knows
what it's like to be the only one buried in this hole
You can make it to the sunrise
(Woah. Woah. Woah)
You can make it to the sunrise
(Woah. Woah. Woah.)

I won't go to my grave until a difference is made
(Until a difference is made)
Until a difference is made

(From time to time, there arise among human beings,
people, who seem to exude love, as naturally as the sun gives out heat.)


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